1. Storeo for Instagram

It seems like there is a more than ever present focus on Instagram Stories right now and Storeo is the tool to enhancing creativity and keeping Stories fresh. The app is a nice little touch, seeing as IG Stories is a top Instagram feature leveraging this is key.

Storeo makes creating your stories and other content amazingly easy. The app also allows users to upload directly to Instagram Stories or download the video for manual posting later.

2. WhenToPost: Best Time to Post Photos for Instagram

One thing that is agreed to certainly be crucial to growing your following is, knowing when to post. WhenToPost (no pun!) is exactly what you need.  The app analyzes your follower activity patterns anonymously.  Then makes use of this data, by converting it into actionable insights, utilizing these will help you to achieve the most engagement for your posts.


  • Generates a heat map which tells you the best times to post your Instagram content
  • Provides a countdown for your next best time to share content
  • Display a graph with the best times of the week you should to post to Instagram
  • analyzes your follower activity patterns

Free for iOS

Free for Android

3. Binded

In 2018, the content seems to be coming thick and fast.  We capture more, we share more.  With this in mind protecting your content on social media is important to say the least.  This is where Binded comes in.  Bind provides users with copyright protection for their Instagram content.  Simply adding #binded to the hashtags on your post will protect those epic moments and cherished content.  Definitely a tool to be using in 2018!

If your an Instagram beginner or even if you consider yourself to be a seasoned pro, GramHacks is one book you certainly want to get your hands on.

The book covers every topic available to create a powerful and strong Instagram profile, that stands out from the crowd.  Many of the techniques used in the book are considered to be the holy grail of Instagram secrets and the best thing about them is they are all above board.

You can grab a copy of the book for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited plan on Amazon.  Otherwise you can get a digital copy for as little as £2.26.

Price: £2.26 (PDF), £16.99 (Paperback)

GramHacks – Essential Growth Hacking For Instagram

Thanks for reading, now get out there and make you Instagram great!