Instagram Bio, Instagram Profile, Instagram Page

Even though you might be thinking that these are all the same thing, technically, two of the three are regarded as the same, except for, Instagram Bio, which can be used to solely represent the ‘About me’ and ‘Link’ section of an Instagram Profile…or Page…or…anyways, you catch my drift!?

The Problem

For some time, or at least since Instagram began to evolve from its inception, users have questioned everything about how they can further customize their Instagram Page.  Including, how to incorporate a more personal, or branded feel.

Another long time debate is that of Instagram restricting the number of links a user can add to their page.  Early Instagram days, saw their replacement with the buttons now placed under your Instagram User BIO.

Users have also changed how they present their bio, using emoji, fonts and typefaces to give better feeling to their pages.  However, although this article is about customizing your Instagram profile, we won’t be diving into massive amounts of detail on this particular topic.  Instead, we will be talking about a potential solution to the issue.

If you want to find out more about how to build a great, appealing, and well formatted bio, we recommend reading “Gramhacks — Essential Growth Hacking for Instagram, by Len Gordon.

Gramhacks covers many of the essential research, tips, tricks and methods, of managing a successful Instagram account.

The solution

So, how about having your page include rich colors, customizable backgrounds, buttons, and photos?  How about, targeted, thumbnail links to your, website, blog, YouTube video, new release, new product, or other social profiles?

Well, we’ve come across some very innovate ‘one-link’ services, as oulined in our “3 Best Resources for Creating a Custom Instagram Profile” guide, and our most recent testing has led us to some interesting updates.

‘One-Link’ web apps, allow Instagram users to place a link into their Instagram bio’s, ‘Link’ section.  When clicked, the users profile is transformed into a customizable page, complete with buttons, contact links, social media links and more…

In our guide, we mentioned Shorby, as being one of the best tools for Instagram Profile customization.  Although we are yet to post a complete review, we received an invitation from the Shorby team to try out their new profile customization tools on a beta test…the verdict??

👍 👍 👍

Again, although this is not a full review, the recent changes implemented by the Shorby team are already looking supercharged in comparison some of the other resources.


Shorby – New Features (August 2019 Update)

Firstly, we’d like to say that the new features are currently in Beta testing, so features highlighted in this article may be subject to change depending upon the decisions made by the Shorby team.

That being said, try Shorby out for yourself and see just how powerful it is!

Disclaimer: Social Ripe do not guarantee the use of any such features for individuals, who decide to try out, or subscribe to the service.


We’ve listed some of the most important improvements included in the latest update, just so you know the potential from a glance.
  • Custom backgrounds

Use custom, or predefined colors to create your profile back drop.  Create gradient patterns or even use your own photo.  Customizing your background just could not be easier!

  • Animated Avatars

Yes, that’s right, we said it!  What is cooler than using a GIF or animation as your avatar?!

  • Text blocks

Add text blocks to your page, to give followers and other users more insight into your story and who you are.  Extend your bio, create in-page articles, long descriptions, informational pieces, announcements and more…

  • GIFs

As with above, using GIF’s inside Shorby, for page posts, or links to other places, really makes your profile stand out from the rest.  Maybe you’re running a memes account on a blog or other social network, and you want to showcase the best ones on your Instagram Page?!  No?  Well, you will still have massive amounts of fun creating your page with this feature.

  • Embedded Videos

Got a video hosted somewhere else?  Just uploaded recently to YouTube?  Add it to your page, and people will be able to watch, or click through to it right from your Shory powered Instagram page! Sweet!

  • Mix n Match Themes

Use multiple colour pallets!  Mixing and matching colour schemes with Shorby, allows users to create the perfect colour theme for their profile.  Moreover, if you’re a business, then you can even select colours that will match and compliment your brand.


The verdict

Above all, the changes are still in beta, so therefore plenty of time for you to sign up to Shorby, and have your say on the latest improvements.

We recommend you try Shorby, and get customizing your Instagram page TODAY!  We want to see those pages on fleek! 😎

*Remember, after you’ve completed your customization just replace the link in your Instagram bio, to see your new page in action!