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In the 1960s, legendary artist Andy Warhol — who embedded on the world his creative expressions of society through art — once said:

“In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”

If we measure our attention spans of online activity against Warhol’s prophecy he was entirely accurate. The instruments for spreading your fifteen minutes of fame back then were TV and radio. Today we have Instagram for turning your fifteen minutes into a cult following.

People love connecting and engaging, especially when it’s something they have a valid interest in. The process of users tailoring their content interests based on hashtags, which are mostly real world phrases. Ultimately having a Niche Account, makes targeting a particular Niche very interesting.

What is a Niche you may ask?

A Niche on Instagram is the target audience of your account or business: it’s no different from the actual business term.

Here is the real world example.

“Instead of Company A offering cleaning services, Company A might establish a niche market by specializing in blind cleaning services.

Niches are really sub-categories of Parent Categories. Niches are important and successful if they are authentic, not just posts of curated content, but with feelings and connective engagement attached, I mean well written captions.

This process is very successful on Instagram.You may have seen this with fitness, motivation and quotes accounts triggering a lot of responses in the comments section of Instagram.


If your in business, or even a hobbyist you should already recognize your niche.  After all leveraging that niche is what it’s all about.

This is just one of the many gems this powerful publication has to offer.  Among speaking of some secrets that even an avid Instagram user would be chuffed at exploiting.  This book has everything you need to grow your Instagram account safely, efficiently and immensely!

The book begins, speaking of the reasons for why one would want to grow an Instagram account, some history behind the platform and the author.  It then goes on to take a deep dive into the social analytics and algorithms utilized inside of the Instagram framework.  Going much deeper than the average “Grow your following” tutorial, the book really takes you to the underbelly of how to make your account grow and stand out.

One of the best things about the methods used in this book are that they are all completely REAL and above board.  For many years we have heard of people selling fake followers, with no engagement and spam bots that fill your DM box to the brim.  GramHacks not only uses techniques which avoid such practices completely, but it also has many tips on how to spot accounts that are built and driven in this way.

Growing a social media profile isn’t easy, but if Instagram is your chosen platform, you need this in your life.

GramHacks will be released to the Amazon online store and Kindle on May 3rd 2018

Price: Free(Kindle Unlimited), £2.26 (PDF), £16.99